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Frequently asked questions



  1. How can I help stop the destruction of Earth and its inhabitants?
    Join as a member and pledge your support for each assault you wish to end through the International Common Law World Courts.

  2. What else?
    Join and pledge to support unlimited projects.

  3. What is the International World Court?
    There are 10 new International Common Law World Courts functioning under Common Law worldwide. Today's statutory courts are a subset of the common law beginnings of the US, Canada and much of the world.

  4. Is Common Law superior to statutory law?
    Yes. Common law predates statutory law by hundred of years and gives the power to the people. Statutory law steals that power in today's courts by "making their own laws" by their rulings.

  5. Where can I find these International Common Law courts?
    Our partner, has developed a unique connection with the US and Canadian world courts. They remain out of the public eye to maintain their autonomy and independence from powerful industrial and political influences.

  6. How does the process work?
    First, add your support with a contribution then check all the actions you wish to support.

  7. What happens next?
    Your priority choices will determine which issues are addressed first. Our affiliate will then create the actionable claim with expert affidavits addressing their "crimes against humanity" and "terrorism". The complaint will then be sent to the world court for action.

  8. What will the court do?
    The court will send the actionable claim to all the violators (CEOs, corporations, government officials, etc.). They will have a limited time (about 20 days) to respond. No attorneys can represent them in Common Law.

  9. What happens next?
    Following the elapsed time, a tribunal of judges will review the violator's responses (if any), along with the facts of the complaint, then make a determination, their judgment. With undisputable facts before them, we expect favorable resolutions with orders to cease and desist their activities.

  10. What if the perpetrators don't stop?
    The action provides for removal from position, arrests and fines to be administered as required to uphold the world court orders.

  11. Who will enforce these orders?
    Each country may differ, but enforcement will likely be delivered by military or government authorities who support the positive changes on our planet.

  12. What happens after the events are stopped?
    The cleanup begins. Fines will be levied at the discretion of the court and will be applied to restoring our Earth and its inhabitants.

  13. What if additional funds are required?
    We have an affiliated funding source that you may wish to explore.


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