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Join Our Alliance to Save Earth
Join Our Alliance to Save Earth

Poison in Our Air, Water, Land, Food!
Deadly GMOs, HAARP, Fluoride, Vaccinations, Sonar, Smart Meters, Fracking and many more!  

Let's End this NOW!

Welcome to O.N.E.

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You are likely discovering those "artificial clouds" in the sky are loaded with destructive chemicals, toxins and viruses intended to harm all life on planet Earth. Vaccines are now skyrocketing autism in our children; GMOs are destroying our food supply; sonar is destroying dolphins and whales; HAARP is creating or enhancing hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes; Fracking is destroying our ground water; and fluoride in our water and toothpaste are numbing our brains!


Join our powerful programs to help the environment and all life on planet Earth, including yours... but we need your help.


Support your important "Clean the Earth" projects.  O.N.E. provides the "muscle" to back each of our causes... but it all starts with YOU.

  • Join our World Court action with a donation and moral support in our legal action.
  • Join as a Member and support one or unlimited causes with your contributions.
  • Share our site with everyone.

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